Magical Battle Arena

Magical Battle Arena Logo

If you watched Nanoha, did you ever had the urge to control Nanoha yourself and fight some epic battles? If so, you’re lucky! The guys from Fly-System are currently developing Magical Battle Arena, a 3D Anime Battle Game with characters from various Animes, of course like said including Nanoha!

The current version is 0.11, so there’s much more to come, right now there are only two characters included, Nanoha and Lina Inverse from Slayers. Each of them comes already with all the cool attacks they use in their shows like Divine Buster, Dragon Slave and Nanoha’s famous Starlight Breaker! It supports up to four fighters per battle, two of them can be player controlled so you can play with a friend via split-screen.

Here are a few screenshots:

Nanoha shoots a Divine Buster:

Nanoha Divine Buster

…and a Starlight Breaker!:

Nanoha Starlight Breaker

Lina performing her Dragon Slave:

Lina Dragon Slave

You probably want to try it yourself now, you get it from the Fly-System download site, mirror DL5 worked for me so if the others fail, try that one. Also, you need to have Microsofts .NET 2.0 Framework installed, otherwise the game wont launch.

Nomake Wan from the Initial D World forums has created an attack list for Nanoha and Lina so you don’t have to do wild button mashing to pull off the moves^^

Enough of the talk now, go battle and keep your eyes open for further updates!