Me on Animeted, Fall 2008 Season, Forums, and Other Stuff

Well I never got a chance to follow up on what I said in the last post. But seeing that I have time for that, I shall make this long and interesting post. First off, Animeted.

Animeted started off well during the Spring 2008 season, and there were active bloggers for a lot of the anime that we were meant to discuss and cover. As we entered the summer season with anime, that continued, and I made the majority of the posts, but most of them relating to the Baka-Wolf/M.3.3.W. fansub group. (Which is now [M.3.3.W]. As the weeks passed by, we really lost a lot of activity, and I stopped posting on releases myself, or posted them really late. Even though, there are hardly no posts for days, there are still visitors will read up on the blog, and leave comments. This shows to me that Animeted isn’t fully dead. The forums may be, but the blog itself.. No, no. So, I’m trying to figure out something to get back active with posting. Even though I’m not the owner of the blog, (Senseito Sakura is) I felt that we should open our doors for fans who wish to blog along with us, as well as revamp the forums to accomondate for the Fall ’08 Season of Anime. However, that’s up to Seito to make the final decision on that. To be honest, I don’t even think that I should be asking him about such a thing. (For the obvious and the not repeatable) I feel that Animeted can be more active if we had more coverage on anime, and fansubs. With the new plethora of anime that is going to join the world in the next upcoming months, I know for a fact that I alone wont be able to cover so much anime. With more coverage on anime, and the more blog posts we have, Animeted will be able to become a well known anime blog out there. (Even if the forums are dead)

Which brings me to my next topic: The forums.

The forums weren’t something we couldn’t just create out of the blue. If you haven’t noticed, we are actually hosted not on our own site. Even to know, we still have our forums up and going. WIth what? Just 7 members? I would have seen the forums not working even after a couple months. However, due to the generous site owner ZingaBurga, we still have the forums where they are today. Forums make a great addition to any site whatsoever, but even the activity has dwindled since the start. Not one member (other than the staff) has posted on the forums. It’s turning out to be a worthless waste of space, and time for me, and the rest of us. Again, I stress activity levels being a cause for this. If there were more members, maybe I wouldn’t be talking about this.

Moving onto the Fall 2008 season. It already started, and with or without Animeted following the flow, it’s going to keep on moving on. This is where we, the staff suffered to keep you guys up to date with all the anime of the Spring and Summer ’08 seasons. As I mentioned before, I only stuck to 4-5 animes, throughout both seasons and in case you don’t know, that’s Itazura Na Kiss, Special A, Nogaizka Hakura, and Telepathy Shoujo Ran. Worse yet, they were all subbed by the same group – M.3.3.W. This shows that the staff (or blog writers if you want), is too little to handle such a large amount of anime. And its not going to get any better. So far, over 30 different animes and OVAs announced for the Fall season, with the bulk debuting in October. I know for a fact that 4 members can NOT cover so much anime. And with school, college, uni, work – whatever you want to add – I know its not happening.

Now, to the off topic stuff. I know once Senseito Sakura reads this post, he is going to have a go at my neck. (This is one of my longest posts that was written by hand.) But, in the meanwhile, if you are interested in becoming a blogger for Animeted, send him an email. Let him know that you want to. The more we have working on blogs, the better coverage we can get for season coverage, the more activity we can spark, and definitely, the more popularity we can get for the site, forums, anime, and fansub groups. If I was owner, I would be definitely be opening up applications for blogging at a time like this.

So consider this an opportunity to join Animeted and show your passion for the anime and fansubs out there. In the meanwhile, the forums will be closed for the reorganization of it for the Fall 2008 Season, as well as maintainence for the forums. I’m also considering opening up an IRC channel for Animeted, so if you wish to help out, feel free to email me. (That you will have to find out yourself 😉 ) Please remember not to spam Senseito’s or my inbox with stupid messages. One message is enough. When we get around to responding, we will do so.

See you guys around, and hope to hear from you soon!