Konami To Launch Anime Rental Service On PSN

If you are one of the people who does not have time for sitting down in front of a computer to watch anime, but has all the time for games, good news. Koonami is considering launching an anime rental service on the [Japan] Playstation Network which would allow [Japan’s] PSN users to rent episodes from different anime series. According to Konami’s press release, rentals will be available for 30 days to be played. When played, the time limit decreases to 72 hours before the rental period expires.

The rentals are downloaded to the PS3 system in which they could be viewed, or transferred to an authorized PSP system to be viewed while on the go. The anime sets that are announced contain episodes from Tokimeki Memorial OnlyLove, Quiz Magic Academy -Original Animation-, Skygirls, Saint October, Fairy Musketeers and Best Student Council. Each episode will go for about 300 yen which is about 3 US dollars. (200-300 yen dependent on series)

You have to wonder if Sony’s headquarters would have been located, if us Americans would have received access to this juicy content. An announcement if Konami / Sony will expand this service to European and American customers or include other publishers / content providers.

Source: Siliconera

Dante’s Inferno: An Animated Epic – Review

Ain’t no sunshine where she’s gone.

This p/review will spoil the viewing experience. (Spoils contains plot information)

These are the words that open up the video game trailer of Dante’s Inferno. Dante’s Inferno: An Animated Epic is an animation theatrical adaption done by¬† EA Studios and Visceral. Dante’s Inferno tells the epic poem (real life terms used here), written by Divine Comedy. Dante, the main character of the epic is a warrior in the ongoing Crusades during the medieval time period in Europe. His life takes a turn when a random attack is coordinated against his village.

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