Review Quickie: Moshidora

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, for that I apologize but to get going again, I bring you a spoiler-free Review Quickie for one of the first to finish this season – Moshidora.

Also known by “What If the Manageress of a High School Baseball Team read Drucker’s Management?”, this short, 10 episode Anime has an interesting premise – could reading a primer on business management help a high school baseball team get to the nationals?

As it unfolds it gives you bits and pieces of the book that she is inspired by, and she goes on to use these inspirations to do certain things to improve the team she decides to manage in place for the original manager, her best friend who’s stuck in hospital due to illness.

The bits of the book she uses are well written (though I do wonder how much it changed through the translations) and the ways she, or others of the management staff interpret it are clever.. though it does make you wonder if the whole idea of it being based around this book is simply a gimmick to draw more interest to it.

Regardless, this baseball anime is very accessible and you don’t really need to know much about baseball to watch it, as you’ll probably get a hang of how it’s played simply by watching it anyway. It’s definitely short – I consider 13 episodes to be the bare minimum required to get a viewer absorbed..  broadcast series usually need some time to get some kind of plot/character development going. Moshidora does this within the first few episodes and pulls you in just enough when things start to get going around half way. I wouldn’t be surprised if a good portion of people who started watching it would have dropped it by this point though, as it gets quite dull in parts and hard to stay interested in. If you persevere however, you’re in luck, as the other half of the anime gets not only interesting, but genuinely entertaining and it’s hard to not get emotionally involved in the games that follow.

Not to give too much away, things do climax – and they do at the final episode. A make-or-break risk as far as reception is concerned – but to me – it’s a winner. The emotionally-charged finale ticks all the boxes and concludes the series nicely and left me with a sense of euphoria for long after it concluded – something I’ve not experienced in a while – an actually well done ending – and it’s become personal favourite just for that.

This proves that an anime doesn’t have to be complex to be effective – even if it’s simple, if the story is written well enough and it pulls in the person watching then it has the potential to be great. In the case of Moshidora – while it’s quite weak in some places, I’m sure it’s been a pleasure to watch for many this season.


– Senseito

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