Winter 2011 Previews: IS: Infinite Stratos

Another anime preview.

IS: Infinite Stratos

Taken from a series of light novels IS: Infinite Stratos is a futuristic action sci-fi romantic comedy hybrid following Orimura Ichika, the only male pilot of a robotic weapon system.  He attends a specialist school that trains it’s students in piloting the mecha and of course is the only male pupil. The series is directed by Kikuchi Yasuhito whose previous work was Macross Frontier, with series composition by Shimo Fumihiko (Air, Kanon, Clannad).

By no means was this show all bad, I enjoyed and was instantly captured by the high octane opening scene (even though the CGI animation of it was too bright and glaring).  Unfortunately after that it became a very cliche school kid rom-com.  The characters seem rather boring and obvious and the vague stabs at humour were unfunny same-old jokes.  It was all a bit childish and dully predictable, and standard harem style complications seem inevitable in a series following a male student at an all girls school. On the positive side the show looks great, the animation is smooth and visually it’s very polished.  Fighting robot series are a popular staple of anime in general, as are romantic comedies, so this show will likely attract a big audience and I don’t think fans of this genres will be disappointed.  It seems like it will be a strong by-the-numbers series and perhaps it will improve as it continues, but already it lacks enough originality for me.

I watched [Ayako] fansubs for episode 1.

Interest: none low mediocre some yay    (dropped)



I updated the styling of the interest rating to make it more clear.  Also this is the first show of the season I’ve dropped already, I think I was a bit kind to Rio though, just because it was better than I expected, that’s on the cusp of being dropped too.  Magical Index lives on said cusp.

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